Guide for writing

Guide for writing

Have you ever had the opportunity to ask one of your friends about the “writing thing”? Is he or she good at it? Does he or she love the writing’s course? You must hear the most of the time the same answer: “I HATTTTTE IT!!” or “I CAN’T STAND IT!!” That’s why 9rayti.Com is always here to give you some useful tools and simple steps to improve your writing level: The most important points to respect are:

*Planning: the first crucial step you must begin with to success your writing is the planning. You have to decide on the kind of writing you are going to pursue. Then try to write down any ideas related to the topic that you have been given or even chosen. Use this for recalling facts in an exam,for assembling steps in an explanation etc…It is always better on persuasive writings to make a table of alternative opinions.Then, add numbers to your ideas in order to put them into a specific order, and while you’re doing this, you will think of other new ideas to add after. *Vocabulary: the words you use is of course related to the kind of composition you will write.For example, you can use informal vocabulary in your journal, in text messages but not in an essay for an exam. You should also use the appropriate scientific terms when you write a scientific text.consequently,you’d better expand your vocabulary by reading English books and magazines and recording new words and their meanings in a notebook. *Spelling:In an exam, you mustn’t forget that it will be some marks awarded for spelling,so it’s useful to check new words using a dictionary and remember similar patterns in spelling words. *Sentence structure:In the case of a journal,the style used can be personal.But,for other kinds of composition, try the style and the complexity: -simple sentences have just one main clause,containing one subject and one verb. -sentences have a verb and a subject and make complete sense as questions and exclamations. -phrases are incomplete sentences;they don’t have a verb or a subject. -compound sentences are made by joining two main clauses. -complex sentences contain one main clause and two or more minor or subordinate clauses. *Parts of speech: -Noun:a naming word.write the common nouns with lower case letters and proper nouns with capital letters. -Verb:an action describes what something does or the state of being.there are two types of verbs:transitive verbs (a verb with an object) and intransitive verbs (a verb without an object). -Adjective: a describing word.It usually comes before the noun or pronoun it describes. -Adverb:a word that describes a verb and its circumstances.It can also describes adjectives or other adverbs.In descriptive compositions, we use different adjectives or adverbs together to compare two or more things (For example: »taller, tallest », »beautiful,most beautiful »). -Pronoun: stands in for a noun (he,she,we,her,their….). -Preposition:It describes how one person or thing relates to another (under,behind,on,out…). -Conjunction:a joining word, and one that introduces another part of a sentence (but,and,or,because,although…). Figurative language: -Similes:we use it to compare two things (as,like,as…as,…). -Metaphors:when we want to say something is another (« she’s a rock » means she’s dependable, »he’s a star » means he’s famous). -Onomatopoeia: using words that sound like the actual sound (« a creaking chair »). *Paragraphs:a set of harmonious sentences.Whenever you introduce a new person or place, or you change of time or idea, you have to start new one. Do not forget the first sentence is always giving the main idea.This is follow by the body of the paragraph that develops the idea in addition to several examples.the last sentence sums up the information or give the main idea one more time but in a slightly different way this time. *Linking words:Words that help the reader to follow the order of your writing (first,next,after,finally…). Finally dear friends, you don’t need a miracle to write in English, you just need some concentration and learning by the time and you can start from now by following 9rayti’s advices!

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